Switch to i3wm

I think I am going to try ArchBang with i3-gaps. i3 window manager can tile, stack, float, add titles has a status bar that has a systray. Built in keybindings, autostarting. Supports variables in config. Basically going to run my own i3 config (modified of course). Will need to test setup quite a bit before any stable release. Maybe looking around March (in time for Spring release). Personally run i3 and do not have a problem with it. My own setup is fairly basic as I tend to run terminals and browser most of the time. Will need to work in Conky (or a key binding doc possibly). Anyway more of that when I get something working.

Iso seems to still be popular, have uploaded a new iso with recent kernel update.

Keep those donations coming in, I get very low on coffee this time of year 😉